Notice to Broads Community – NEWSFLASH – March 2012

The Environment Agency, Broads Authority and Natural England are working together to investigate the presence of the shrimp in the Broads, including its current population and distribution in the Broads.

This shrimp (Dikerogrammerus villosus), has become widespread in Western Europe and it could threaten native species. There is no risk to public health or pets.

Available downloads:

We are asking water users to be vigilant and help stop the spread of all invasive aquatic species by following ‘Check Clean Dry’

  • Check boats and fishing kit coming into and leaving the Broads for shrimp.
  • Clean and wash off all equipment (e.g. nets, spray decks and footwear) and boats (including canoes) to make sure you are not taking any organism to other rivers within or outside the Broads. Remove and destroy any shrimps found.
  • Dry all equipment, clothing and pump out bilges – shrimp can live in damp conditions for many days. If drying is impossible, at least wash down equipment before travelling between rivers or coming into and leaving the Broads for other river systems.

For further information see the attached press release, notice and the Broads Authority website: