Norfolk Boat Safety Scheme

The Boat Safety Scheme has been created to minimise the risks of fires or explosions on boats cruising the UK’s inland waterways’ network. It specifies a set of requirements that most boats must meet before they will be granted a navigation licence.

The Scheme also recommends a number of ‘safety best-practice’ measures, which enhance the personal health and safety of those on board privately owned boats.

Cox’s – Qualified to Examine Your Boat
The BSS examination is required every four years and must be carried out by a registered Boat Safety Scheme examiner. At Cox’s we were one of the first boatyards to offer this service in Norfolk and we now have several years’ experience undertaking these examinations and dealing with the governing bodies.
Aspects of the examination include the gas system, storage area, ventilation, fuel tank and system, battery storage, electrics, fire extinguisher and blanket. Our examiner’s name is Eric Bishop.

Either here or at your moorings…
If your boat needs a Safety Certificate, we’ll be pleased to undertake the necessary examination. Although most examinations take place at our boatyard, we are always happy to travel out to your boat, wherever it is moored.