The paint finish and the other work you and your staff did for us on Broadland Kingfisher was absolutely superb, and has given our boat a whole new lease of life.

The standard of work is a credit to the Company and we greatly appreciate the time and effort everyone put in to achieve the standard that we wanted.

Thank you all so much.

Quote written by: Alex and Ray J.


Eric took on a wreck, came up with a plan and painstakingly demonstrated what Cox’s could do byshowing us work carried out on other boats. Brian Brooks then single-handedly carried out the plan as only an expert craftsman could. It was truly amazing to follow the construction, week by week, as apparently endless quantities of timber went into her. We were unfailingly made welcome and never made to feel that we were getting in the way. It was quite clear at an early stage that Brian was going to build her absolutely to the highest professional standard; his dedication to getting her right and his affection for her was always plain to see. And Eric was absolutely clear that she would not be leaving the yard with any trace of her previous incarnation, right down to new fenders and mooring lines. We were, and remain, extremely touched by Cox’s totally unexpected gift of a tailor-made weatherproof cover.

Originally a Siesta 20, “Pippin” (formerly “Wavedancer”) bears absolutely no trace of her origins; she even sits in a different attitude in the water. We therefore have decided to drop all references to “Siesta” and have changed the registration details so that she is now a “Cox’s Classic 20″.

We are seriously proud of her now, having seen every aspect of her being built. In summary, we are delighted we came to Cox’s

Thank you all very much indeed. We look forward to an enduring relationship with Cox’s Boatyard.

Quote written by: Bill and Tricia D.