Jemima Launch


Jemima is one of a few surviving original boats built and launched by John W. Brooke in the early 1900s. Jemima was found in the back of a garage in parts with only the hull intact. We took on the project for a customer who wanted Jemima brought back to her former condition.

We first started on building a new, small cockpit area and aircraft hatch doors for the engine compartment. After this, we laid the decks down with pitch pine and mahogany. We then turned the craft over and built a new keel to accommodate the new shafts and prop, and moved the rudder under the transom. Once all this work was completed, we supplied and fitted a 3KW electric motor and batteries.

This beautiful craft was then coated with epoxy varnish, tested and delivered to the owners in Cambridge to be used on the River Cam.