Coronavirus (COVID-19) May 19th Update

cox-waterwaysAlthough the photo is great it would be better to see boats on the water! With the news that the waterways are opening up, Cox’s Boatyard marina is delighted to be open for berth holders again. Just to let you know, we have been checking all the boats on a daily basis. For the wooden boats in our care we have put wet blankets in the bottoms to slow drying out. As they should really be in the water by now, we have taken this extra care in looking after them. If you have any other concerns with any of your boats, please e-mail me.

Behind the scene we have still been working hard, the office has been manned all the time and will continue to be. We started some of the workshop team back a few weeks ago under strict rules for their safety and that of other people. We have been finishing and launching some boats and those customers have been informed. We will now be checking and starting all the craft we have worked on which are in the water and completing any cleaning. But please ring or email to check before you arrive that you craft has been checked and cleaned.

Now that the lock down has been relaxed and the BA has confirmed that all types of boats may use the Broads waterway, we have some important rules that all berth holders and customers, staff and visitors have to comply with at Cox’s Boatyard for everybody’s safety, this includes the safety of the people living in Barton Turf. We are concerned that if many people come down to their boats at the same time this may cause problems with adherence to the rules, so we will need to keep access and safe operation under review.

1. The two metres social distancing rule, which we should all understood by now, still applies in Barton Turf. As does the new rule regarding meeting up with only one person outside your immediate family.
2. All the workshops are strictly no entry; these are safe zones for the Cox’s team. Please do not attempt to enter them. This also includes all the directors so do not think anybody is being singled out!
3. The office is open, and the door will be left open so, if you need to see someone, please do not enter, just call down the office as we may be at the far end of the office. We can then talk outside. If it is raining, only one customer in the office at a time, please.
4. E-mail is the best way to ask questions and communicate or phone.
5. The toilet block is open, and the code is the same as at 1st April 2020 but the males’ door will be left open during the day for my workers and only two people are allowed in the toilet at the same time. Please wash your hands with soap and water after use. We have put up lots of signs.
6. All boats which are being worked on or have been worked on will be cleaned by us and have a label on to say when they were cleaned.
7. If you find a fault or an item not working, before we can go on board to inspect, you will need to leave the craft and open all the doors and windows for 30 minutes if possible.
8. We will be wearing gloves and will clean where we can and have worked but would recommend that prior to using the craft you further clean and sanitise any areas of concern or where we have worked.
9. Water taps, electric points and trolleys will not have been cleaned by our staff and we highly recommend you clean these before use and wear gloves.
10. Please park in the rear car park and not in the staff parking area.
11. Please be aware of the government covid-19 guidance rules and that you must comply by them.

For more advice and guidance please refer to the Broads Authority or the Governments websites for more information.

Any outside contractor visiting your craft under your instructions must contact the office first before arriving on site. If not, they will be turned away. We would also like to see their Covid-19 policy in advance.

It goes without saying, but obviously please do not come down to the yard if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19. If you develop symptoms of Covid 19 within 7 days of visiting the yard, you must inform the office immediately please.

I’m sure you will understand that now the restrictions are being lifted, everybody will want their boats in the water and ready to use. When you think in November and December we lifted out 156 boats and we are about a third of the way though putting boats back into the water, it is totally impossible to get them all in at the same time with all the work we still have to complete on them, having had to close the yard for three weeks and a reduced work force for the past two weeks since re-opening.

I have contacted most customers, so I have a guide idea for my schedule and how to sort this out. We can only work so quick and cannot create any more hours in our day so can you please bear with us, if your boat has not yet been launched.

I would like to thank you all for being very patient in these unpredicted times and look forward to getting you back on the water to enjoy the rest of the summer.

Kind regards & keep safe
Eric Bishop