Berth Holders Newsletter Spring 2018

This winter has been very busy and we also had some added excitement just before Christmas when we were contracted to recover a sunken craft in Great Yarmouth! The work involved organising a diving team to dive down, inspect the craft and attach lifting straps, before closing the roads around the site to position a 150-tonne crane in the middle of the road to lift the boat out of the water. With careful planning and liaison with the relevant authorities and sub-contractors, the lift went to plan at low tide on Sunday 17th December and the craft was lifted out onto the lorry and transported back to our yard. For more information and photos browse our website.

Recovery of a sunken craft in Great Yarmouth

New Staff Member: Cox’s continues to go from strength to strength and we have employed a sixth employee to assist our workshop team. Doug joined us in January and is already working well. Part of his job is to check the moorings and dinghy park each morning to make sure all the boats are moored correctly and don’t suffer in strong winds. If you have any queries or need any help with this, please talk to Eric or Doug.

Broads Authority Patrol Launch Maintenance Contract: Late in 2017 we successfully tendered for this contract, which will now run for two years, with the possible extension of an extra year. The contract is to service and maintain four of the Authority’s patrol launches throughout the winter, although this year we have completed five launches. The work includes polishing, varnishing and painting them to bring them up to the Authority’s high standards, as well as carrying out any necessary engineering and electric works, checking and servicing all equipment, and replacing or fitting any extra equipment the Patrol Rangers have requested.

Broads Authority Patrol Launch Maintenance Contract

Broom Captain Cruiser Repair: One particularly interesting job this winter was to replace the rotten sections of the stem on a Broom Captain motor cruiser and 284 feet of new planking. The work involved laminating and steaming curves in the new wood make them fit correctly on the inner and outer part of the stem, before scarfing and bolting them in. The craft is was launched mid-February.

Broom Captain Cruiser Repair

New Travel Hoist: We have ordered a new travel hoist that will help lift boats in and out of the water, off and onto lorries, and onto our boat mover, as well as customers’ trailers. The new hoist will replace the crane, which will go into retirement after many years good service. The new hoist will be able to lift boats weighing up to 35 tonnes as we have also found that boats are getting bigger and heavier. The new hoist will be delivered in August and will be fully remote controlled.

Parking Changes (Map Attached): As mentioned in the last Newsletter, we are going to change the location where we lift boats in and out of the water: instead of working at the side of the mooring dyke, we will be moving to the end of the dyke. This will mean that parking will no longer be allowed by the end of the dyke and you will need to park around the corner. I have attached a map showing our new working area and where you can and cannot park. We will also be adding an improved surface to the car park. The groundwork and piling for this will be completed in early summer, so we will be closing off an area of the car park whilst this upgrade takes place. The attached map will also be on the noticeboard and displayed as a sign at the entrance to the car park.


Quay Heading Replacement: We are replacing some of the old quay heading on the south side of the dinghy park in April. We will be closing off this section from 9th April whilst the work is being carried out, which should take about four or five weeks. During that time we will also be moving the dinghies from one side to the other side, and some may go on the grass. Once the work has been completed the site will be cleaned up and all dinghies put back in their original positions.

Toilet and Shower Code: From 3rd April 2018 there will be a new code activated. This number will also open the barrier for the dinghy park.

Servicing: Just to remind everyone that we service all makes of outboard and inboard engines. If you would like yours serviced, please call in, or contact the office to book your engine in.

CCTV – we have installed a new system with higher quality cameras including a powerful infra-red for night vision.

Go Karting Fun: In October 2017 we arranged an afternoon of go-karting for our employees and what fun they had! Throughout the afternoon the track times got quicker and quicker, and by the end of the day there were only three seconds separating the fastest and slowest times. Talk about a competitive team!

Launch Dates: Easter is very early this year – Good Friday is 30th March so we are aiming to commence launching on 26th February, although this may change due to the weather. If you are unsure of your launch date, please contact the office.

Customer Feedback Forms: – Your completed forms are invaluable, and we very much appreciate your replies. Please keep sending us your comments, whether positive or negative, as this helps us improve the service we offer.

Thank you for your continuing support. We hope you enjoy being out on the water over the coming months, no matter what the weather, and always ask if you need any help or advice!

Eric Bishop, Manager, Cox’s Boatyard Ltd.