Berth Holders’ Autumn Newsletter 2019

Everyone at Cox’s Boatyard has been working very hard this year restoring and repairing craft of all shapes and sizes. This newsletter gives us the opportunity to thank you all for your support as well as telling you what is planned for the future.

Engines and Electronics: Apart from wooden boat repairs, we have also been busy with electrical and engine work, including installing several new inboard engines and repairing many more.
Sustainable energy is an important development. We are now fitting the next generation solar panels which have a higher amp output than the older panels. These can easily be mounted on any flat surface and are very flexible.

The panels are a good way to keep your batteries topped up and fully charged using green energy, please ask for a quote if you are interested.

Please do not forget that we service all makes and sizes of outboard engines including fault finding and repairs.


We are pleased to have had our contract for the Environment Agency work renewed and are now one of the main contractors for East Anglia. At busy times of the year for this contract we may have two engineers/inspectors working away from the yard, which is why sometimes it may be difficult to contact Eric as he may be working off site. Last year we purchased a van which allows Cox’s Boatyard to extend our working capacity.

Development: In the spring we invested in replacing the old wooden piles with new galvanized steel quay heading with wooden capping around the white boat pens. This particular length of old wooden quay heading was one of the first that Cox’s completed just over twenty years ago. We are using galvanized steel piles instead of wood as the steel lasts a lot longer but is about twice the cost of wood.

WI-FI: We are working with the suppliers to Cox’s Boatyard and in Spring 2020 we are aiming to have wi-fi available for our berth holders. We are also looking at having a web cam installed on the workshop roof to view the marina.

The sale of the crane is going through and she should be leaving the yard before November. The crane has been with us for over 35 years and has lifted hundreds of boats during her life here. We even used her to dredge the white boat pen about 20 years ago and for many other lifting jobs, so we have certainly made full use of her capabilities.
We will soon be selling the yard’s old tractor. If you are interested in an ex RAF David Brown Tugmaster built in the 1940’s and used in the second world war complete with winch please contact the office.

Winter Work: I attach the winter work form and ask you to please fill it in and send it back to us as soon as possible. These forms help us to work out the lifting schedules to get the boats out of the water and then launch them when you want to use them, although of course the weather does play a part in this too. We will be starting the main lifting from 28th October 2019 and start lifting boats back into the water from 2nd March 2020.

Mooring Fees: There will be an increase in April 2020 to £46 per foot plus VAT. The dinghy park fees are being restructured, which will result in some people actually paying less.

Cox’s Team Changes: Robyn Rosser has joined our team working in the office and is now getting to know our customers and how the systems work. She is also answering the phone and helping run the office. Liam Haylett, one of our boat builders, has left us to change his career and work offshore in the oil industry. He has been with us for six years and completed an apprenticeship here in his early years. We wish him luck with his future career and are now looking for his replacement: please see our website for more information.

Thank you for your continuing support and patience whilst we maintain and improve the moorings. We hope you enjoy being out on the water over the coming months, no matter what the weather. Always ask if you need any help or advice, as we are happy to help!

Eric Bishop, Manager, Cox’s Boatyard Ltd