‘Broads Boating’ – Spring 2012

Cox’s Boatyard Development Programme 
Over the winter we have completed Phase One which involved demolishing the old wooden sheds at the entrance of the boatyard and digging out three new moorings. The strong winds in early January combined with a small push and the two sheds came down in a controlled manner. A basin has been dug out creating three new stern-on moorings, all of which are already filled as we still have a large moorings waiting list.

Adjacent Water
Boats in adjacent waters must comply with the 2009 Broads Authority Act. This means that if your craft is moored in the yard it must be taxed and have a current Boat Safety Certificate (if applicable). The Inspector visited the yard in November 2011 to check all craft for compliance and will be back in the spring/summer.

Over the winter some items went missing from a boat moored on the Parish staithe. Sadly, there is a growing trend across Norfolk and Suffolk for small boat items, especially outboards, to be stolen. Please make sure that your engine is locked on with an approved outboard lock and you have recorded the serial numbers.

Shiel Water 
In January we took delivery of a 38ft Thames Gentleman’s Launch for an overhaul. This craft was transported from the Thames and we have been working on her through the winter. She will be moved back to London once she has been completed.
Customer satisfaction reports We would like to thank all customers who filled in the customer satisfaction report and returned them to Mike Evans, a Cox’s Boatyard Director. These have been very helpful in determining which areas needed improving. We appreciate the feedback we have received and we have made changes to our systems in response to your comments.

The launching schedule is now in place in accordance with the dates on the winter work questionnaires. Although we have had a very mild winter the launch dates are “weather permitting”. Easter is early this year starting on 6th April. If anybody is unsure of their launching date or would like to add to the list of work please contact Eric in the office.

Now that the majority of the boats stored on the bank for the winter have been launched, we have adequate room for cars to park behind the workshop assuming that all available space is used. Please observe the Disabled spaces and no parking areas in front of the workshops. Additionally, it would help the working of the yard, if you did not park close to the crane that is often required in the summer months during the working week.
New code Please note that the code for the toilet block (this is for both male and female toilets). and dinghy park barrier will be 3579 from 1st April 2012

Non Native Species 
An alien shrimp from the Far East(known as the Killer Shrimp) has been found in the waters at Barton Turf. This is not good news and is the first finding of this shrimp in the Norfolk Broads. It is being treated very seriously as it attacks other wildlife. We have put more information on our web site www.coxsboatyard.co.uk in the news section and there are also some links to other web sites on Non Native Species. Please read and comply with this information to help stop this species from spreading.

Working on Boats 
We would like to remind all our berth holders that if they would like to complete any maintenance other that minor running repairs on their craft, you must gain prior permission from the office. If you have asked an outside contractor to work on your craft you must get prior permission from the office and you must ensure that we have seen copy of their Insurance before they can carry out any work.

We all hope you have a great summer and enjoy “messing about on the water”.

Eric Bishop