‘Totoro’ – 17’ Dell Quay Dory

Price: £2,995

She is a 17’ Dell Quay dory, made in fibreglass.

She has a Honda BF20 two-cylinder outboard motor with electric starting and lifting. This is a wonderful motor, smooth, quiet and reliable. At the beginning of the last three seasons she has started first time, every time. There is a lock on the engine’s mounting.

Totoro was rescued by us after two or three years of being left on her moorings with a lot of water inside, there is some osmosis as a result but since no boat ever sank because of it, it is not thought about and only visible if you go looking for it. She is lifted out every winter and has a PVC cover.

She is amazingly stable, several adults can stand in one corner and she stays put. With the stainless steel guard rails around her she is a very safe environment, stepping on and off is easy for all ages. She holds a recent Boat Safety Certificate.

She is big, there is space for about ten people to be seated comfortably. Fewer people with all their bags and hampers are accommodated easily. The mahogany thwarts are nicely varnished.

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Contact Name: Eric Bishop

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