Berth Holders’ Spring Newsletter 2024

Hello to all our berth holders and customers from the team at Cox’s Boatyard. We have now moved into an entirely new, much larger office building. The move actually took place over three weeks last autumn, when our old office building was temporarily lifted to one side to enable us to carry on working while the new office was installed. We had the old office for about 12 years and, as the business grew and developed over those years, we had outgrown it. Once the phone lines were fully operational, again, we transported the old office to new owners in the village.


The extra office space we now have has allowed us to employ a new assistant, Jo Brudenell, who is working on the schedules and communicating with our lovely customers, alongside carrying out other essential office work. Jo works part-time so is not in the office all the time, but if you receive an e-mail from it will be from Jo, so please do not delete it as it may contain important information.

Project Updates – The workshop has been busy throughout the autumn and winter months, undertaking a wide range of large and smaller projects. The following examples should give you an idea of the variety of work we can carry out:

Narica – We are rebuilding this craft from the deck upwards using Iroko on the cabin sides, in order to restore her to her original specification.


Jazzabella – This craft was in the workshop for a repaint of the decks, cabin sides and roof, with the windows also being removed and refurbished. The cabin roof was also not sliding easily so we rectified this problem as well whilst the roof was off the craft.


Brave Molly – work on the boat is almost finished. She is in for a repaint and varnish, which included changing part of the hull colour to blue. We also installed a bow thruster, which was a little more difficult as the craft is wooden, but we constructed custom parts that fitted perfectly so we were very pleased when all our careful planning paid off.


Mitek Electric Outboards – We tested this great new electric outboard motor late last year, which I had been researching for a customer and were impressed with it. We are now the East coast dealers for the Mitek range. The Mitek outboards are manufactured in Italy, and we are now working with the main UK dealer. The Mitek outboards are based on a standard outboard leg, but the electric motor is positioned under the cowling and out of the water. The Mitek outboards come in different sizes from 4.5hp to 30hp. We can also provide a variety of batteries to suit your needs. If you are interested, please contact the office, and talk to Damon or Eric.


Dinghy Park Winch – This winch does baffle a few customers, but it is there to safeguard Cox’s Boatyard and our customers. It is a friction winch, so it needs to be wound out using the handle and cannot just be pulled. This may take a little longer, but it is a much safer piece of equipment for both our customers and Cox’s Boatyard.

Terms and Conditions Forms – We have revised our Terms & Conditions and split them into two separate documents: the Mooring & Storage Terms and Conditions and the Terms & Conditions of Business. The Mooring & Storage Terms and Conditions relate to various aspects of the marina, including health and safety, where to park, other general and safety requirements. They need to be signed every year by all berth holders, dinghy park customers and boat storage customers, and will be sent out at the beginning of each season, (or in the autumn for customers who store their craft here for only the winter). We would appreciate them being signed and returned within 30 days of receipt so that we can protect you as customers and ourselves as a business.
The Terms & Conditions of Business appear on the back of every paper invoice and estimate, or as an attachment to emailed versions. These are the formal agreement between you and Cox’s Boatyard, and they cover a wide range of important subjects so please read them carefully.

High Water Levels – During the last part of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 we have seen record high water levels in the marina, and these have remained consistently elevated for many months. Even now as spring approaches, the water level is much higher than normal winter levels. Water has been into the bottom of the two old workshops, but not to an extent that has stopped us working as we mainly only store boats in here over winter and use them for work in the spring and summer. The main workshop and carpark have thankfully been dry and well above the water level.
Parts of the marina has been affected with water flooding the grass and part of the roadway. On one bank most of the grass has been underwater all winter.

The photos above were taken in late October 2023, and we do not know yet if the extra high-water levels are normal, or just a one off. We are planning to install a GRP grate decking to the moorings to avoid our customers walking through water or water sodden grass. To do this we had to apply for planning permission before we start work on this. The application is in, and we are just waiting for the approval. Once we have that permission, work will go ahead straight away. We will fit the new decking to the bad areas this year and then when we install new quay heading, we will fit the decking at the same time so this work will be spread over several years.


Visit to Replica Sutton Hoo Ship – Over the winter I visited Sutton Hoo and had a fascinating guided tour of the 90 ft (27 m) replica Anglo-Saxon ship that is being built there by The Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company registered charity. This project has involved numerous archaeologists, historians, and experts in construction and shipbuilding, together with many other skilled volunteers, in the reconstruction of a mysterious ship which was used for the burial of a great East Anglian warrior or king more than 1,400 years ago. Using only traditional skills and hand tools, today’s craftsmen and volunteers are recreating this magnificent craft, which will eventually be refloated. For anyone who is interested in boats and how they were traditionally built, it’s well worth a visit if you are in the area.


Customer Satisfaction Forms – These completed forms help us improve our business and our service. It’s always nice for our employees to receive praise if you think they have done something well, but equally we want to know if you feel there are areas for improvement. The forms have recently been revised and will be sent out via e-mail. There are now two forms – one for all berth holders, dinghy park and winter storage customers, which will be sent out in spring, and one for all customers who have had work completed by us, which will be sent out once the work is complete. If you do not have an e-mail address, we can send these forms out by post, so just let us know. All completed forms will be passed on to a director, who then feeds back the comments to the Board of Directors at their next meeting, so any necessary actions can be implemented.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Newsletter. Enjoy your time on the water in the coming months and thank you for your continuing custom and support. Don’t hesitate to contact the office if you have any queries, or comments, and please, return those forms!

Eric Bishop, Manager, Cox’s Boatyard Ltd