Top tips for a smooth launch

Our 20 top tips for a smooth Spring launch

If you haven’t already taken advantage of our repair and maintenance services, here’s a handy checklist to use before you venture out on the water for the first time this season. Of course, if you would rather call in the experts, give Manager Eric Bishop a call on 01692 536206 instead!

  1. Check that the wooden hull is in a good state of repair. Depending on the severity of any problems, either touch in damaged areas, or coat the whole hull with anti-fouling paint.
  2. Do the same with cabin sides and touch in or coat as necessary.
  3. If any areas of wood appear black, double-check for rotten or soft wood, and replace as necessary.
  4. Check and clean all windows and hatches.
  5. Check that the drain holes in the bottom of the hull aren’t clogged or blocked.
  6. Clean the bilge and run holes in the ribs.
  7. Check and top up battery water levels with distilled water (if they are wet batteries). Ensure the battery is fully charged, but take great care as battery acid is extremely harmful and can burn.
  8. Check all electric gauges are working correctly and test all lights and electrical connections are working okay.
  9. Remove any items from the gas locker apart from the gas cylinder and check the drain is not blocked.
  10. Check screws and metals for corrosion. Clean and polish metal with a good metal polish.
  11. Inspect the anchor and windlass and replace any damaged parts, or lubricate as necessary.
  12. Clean and grease any other winches.
  13. Check you have any vital spare parts, fuses, bulbs and tools etc on board and replace as necessary.
  14. Check fire extinguishers are fully charged and in date, or replace as necessary.
  15. Check your first aid kit is fully replenished.
  16. Check the water system and pump for leaks and proper operation.
  17. Lubricate and spray moveable parts.
  18. Look for wear and chafing in any sails.
  19. Carry out a general spring clean of the hull, deck, top and sides using a mild detergent.
  20. Either take a well-earned rest after all your hard work, or call Cox’s to expertly carry out any of the above, and more, for you!