Top-quality timber for sale

Here at Cox’s we only use top-quality, responsibly sourced, sustainable timber for all our boat construction and repairs, and because we buy in bulk, we can offer small quantities of high-grade timber for sale to small businesses or homeowners.

The timber can be used for many purposes, including boat-building, joinery, cabinet-making, furniture repairs, panelling and a wide variety of craft projects. Its quality is vastly superior to any timber sold at DIY stores as we only use the best materials in all our work.

We stock African mahogany (Khaya ivorensis) up to 9.6 metres long, which is extremely durable, pale reddish-brown in colour with a straight, interlocking grain, and about 50% harder than most mahogany woods.

We also have iroko (Chlorophora excelsa) up to 4.2 metres long, which is sometimes known as African teak, although it is not actually related to the teak family. This is initially yellow-ish in colour, but darkens over time, and is mainly used for boat hull planking and garden furniture.

Other timber for sale includes larch (Larix) in planks up to 4.1 metres long, and white American oak (Quercus alba) in all sizes and thicknesses up to 4.2 metres long. We also have English oak (Quercus robur) timbers up to 3.6 metres long. All are extremely durable and high-grade.

If you want to use top-quality timber for your projects, we are the people to contact. Generations of boat-owners can verify that we only use the best materials in all our work, so contact Eric Bishop on 01692 536206 if you want to find out what we currently have available for sale.