London boat travels to Cox’s for cost-effective, expert repairs

Although Cox’s is proud of its Norfolk heritage, the team’s skills and expertise are valued by clients across London and the South-East. Arrangements with professional haulage companies are in place so that boats from anywhere in the country are easily, safely and economically transported to Cox’s Boatyard. Once here, the state-of-the-art facilities ensure that the highest quality repairs, maintenance and upgrades are carried out, often for less cost than using a boatyard closer to the craft’s usual moorings.

‘Shiel Water’, a 38-foot Thames electric gentleman’s launch boat, usually moored at Camden Place, Bourne End, near London, was transported to Norfolk by lorry so that the team at Cox’s could scrape down and revarnish the outside and fit a new bow thruster.

Cox’s Manager, Eric Bishop, comments: ‘Some of our customers live a long way from the Broads but have realised that our prices and expertise mean that it is very cost-effective to transport their boats to us. Some send their boats up to be over-wintered here so that by the time they are ready to be launched in spring, all the necessary repairs and maintenance have been carried out without any inconvenience to the owner. The boat they send up to us at the end of one season magically reappears in tip-top condition back in its original location in plenty of time for the new season!’

If you are interested in a quote from Cox’s Boats to transport your boat from London to Norfolk for an upgrade, repair or just general maintenance, call Eric Bishop on 01692 536206. You could be pleasantly surprised by the answer!